Contemplative Ecology - Finding our Balance in a Time of Uncertainty

with Shastri Donna Williams

October 7th (2017)

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  • $45.00 Program Price
  • $60.00 Patron Price
Room: Location to be announced

Join us for a day in the forest of the Northeast Kingdom. We’ll reconnect with our senses in this landscape of trees, rocks and sky, and experience the restorative effects that connection brings through sensory practices, mindfulness meditation, and movement.

Many of us find that we have lost our direct relationship to the earth – our home- and that this relationship has become frayed and even missing in this age of digital connections and speed. This green, fertile world of sky, water, pines and friends will restore and balance us. This class is open to everyone - beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike.

We'll spend the day in the forest, so be prepared with layered clothing, walking shoes and a small backpack for food, water and a notebook. 

Details regarding the meeting place and transportation will be provided to registrants via email.