Cheerful Shambhala Day 2019, and welcome to the Year of the Earth Boar!

St Johnsbury Shambhala community

A hearty crowd gathered at the Shambhala Meditation Center of St. Johnsbury on Sunday, February 10 for our sangha’s local celebration of Shambhala Day. Following a thorough lhasung where every nook and cranny of the Center was smudged, the group settled into the main shrine room. Director Tom Bryer read a delightful account entitled ‘2019 – Year of the Yin Earth Pig‘, which describes the unique characteristics of this 12th sign in the Chinese zodiac. Here are a few excerpts:

…“She is so charming and vivacious you will realize you can relax along with her and take time again to enjoy all that your 5 senses bring you of life and beauty…

…The pig’s ingredients are an astonishing list of goodness. She is strong, honest, diligent, courageous, generous, lenient, focused and forgiving. She will work tirelessly to bring about peace and friendship, yet does not overly self sacrifice…

…Life is an endless delight for this optimistic creature, who is puzzled by anyone who chooses a joyless alternative. “There is plenty for everyone if we all share,” she says, “and sharing is so much fun.” “

Next, a number of changes to the Center’s governing council were recognized:

  • Practice and Education Coordinator Arthur Jennings has stepped down; the work of coordinating our sadhana practices and feasts will be managed by a team including Bob Carterette, Vicki Giella, Kathy Baker, and Karen Bufka.
  • Rusung Kelsey Root has stepped down; this position is open.  Desung Gerry Haase has retired and Jen Castle has stepped up to fill the post.

Amy Wheeler then facilitated the annual throwing of the iChing – we’ll share more about that in our next post.